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Three Australian Design Blogs

If you’ve found us online, perhaps you enjoy spending time reading blogs that give you inspiration for how to make your living space more beautiful, functional and useable – and stylish. Australia has some great design blogs at the moment with all sorts of folks who are passionate about sharing ideas and advice. It’s an amazing gift to have such expertise as a free resource at the click of a mouse.

Here are just three Australian interiors and design blogs that we love. We hope they inspire, educate and entertain you – and they may also just give you some ideas for making the most out of your next Nick Scali purchase.

1. The Design Files

It’s one of those stories that people dream of: a blog started in 2008 based on passion that not shortly after turned into a full-time job involving one of Australia’s most popular and famous design blogs. Lucy Feagins was working in the film and TV industry as a set dresser when she put into motion a plan for daily posts about her passion for Australian design spanning architecture, interiors, art, craft, graphic design and illustration. Her site checks out stylish Australian homes every Wednesday and features interviews with talented local creative people every Friday. Design Files welcomes over 120,000 visitors a month. It would be no understatement to say what a force she is in promoting Australian artists and shops. Lucy is recognised for her contributions and smarts by regularly being asked to contribute to various magazines and judge at design industry events.

2. Yellowtrace

Yellowtrace seems to be following a similar trajectory in terms of its growth in popularity and professionalism. A few years younger than the Design Files (it started in 2010), Yellowtrace is now about to move from a home office into an official office space. Founder Dana Tomic Hughes is a ‘self-diagnosed design tragic and an award-winning interior designer’. Visit her site and click on ‘post gallery’ and you’ll discover an inspiration board pinned with items on new trends, great architecture, store interiors and interviews with designers and other creative types. The blog has an eclectic international feel to it bound together by passion. As she explained to the WestElm blog, for something to make it into her blog, she has to ‘absolutely love it, or be moved by it in some way’. Her advice for your living space shows a similar philosophy: ‘Choose pieces you absolutely love and don’t be concerned if they are from different styles and eras.’

3. Decorum

Blogger Jennifer French at ‘Decorum: your decorating forum’ also speaks about being exposed to much variety in terms of the styles of homes of clients for her interior decorating and colour consulting business. For her own style though, she ‘must have’ colour and also likes ‘quirky artwork or objects and things that have a history.’ Accordingly, you should visit Decorum if you are thinking about the colour scheme of your living spaces, or if you’re going to paint either the exteriors or interiors of your home (or both!). In addition to reviewing current trends and home furnishing and accessories, there is a real focus in this blog about colour and how to make where your interiors more beautiful.

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Image one via The Design Files, West Elm blog, Decorum.

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