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Spotlight: Simone LeAmon

Australia is bursting with creativity and we love it! Through our Nick Scali blog, we’d like to introduce you to some of our home-grown designers, talents and creative types who are influencing Australian living spaces.

What’s more, introducing a signature ‘piece’ to your living space could be a great way to provide a focal point or add to your existing Nick Scali furniture with something different, unique and gorgeous.

Simone LeAmon is one of our bright lights, a leading Australian artist and designer who creates beautiful works for your home, incredible jewelry and engaging and intriguing art. She often collaborates with other artists and one of her latest accomplishments is a lightshade that might just make you dance with joy.

LeAmon_Petit-Ballerina-199x300The ballerina lampshade emerged in the late 19th century with twists and frills that imitate the dress of a dancer swirling outwards in motion. It would never have been easy to make, and these days the skills and techniques required of it are disappearing. Working with the Australian lighting manufacturer, Rakumba, LeAmon has designed a modern version of the ballerina lampshade in two sizes that combines traditional skills and techniques with contemporary design and a radical LED light source that represents the latest in lighting technology.

The Petit Ballerina hovers in mid-air, a shiny black dress on a tip-toeing triad of delicate legs. The Prima Ballerina is more dramatic: a full-scale gown masquerading as a source of illumination, the traditional shape of a lampshade lifted up and made delicate and light.

Whimsical and elegant at the same time, LeAmon’s creation also celebrates the dexterity and experience of the craftswomen of Rakumba, and pays tribute to a history of production that is handcrafted. Launched at DesignEX 2013 in Melbourne at the end of May, these gorgeous pieces are available through Rakumba.

It’s the second in a line of collaborations between LeAmon and Rakumba. For their first project together, LeAmon created a work, the Ricotta lamp, that celebrated the skills of the manufacturer’s wire fabricators by placing a beautiful wire frame of a lampshade on the outside of the lamp where it could be seen, rather than hidden in the interior.

LeAmon keeps up a busy schedule. She recently stepped down from her position as resident columnist for Indesign magazine, which she’d held since 2007, and included in her current list of projects is delivering the design component for ‘Melbourne Now’ exhibition for the National Gallery of Victoria to be launched in November.

Perhaps a visit to her website can provide you with your latest ideas on how to bring beauty to your life and living spaces, and as you know, you can always drop by your closest Nick Scali showroom for more inspiration.

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