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Today, in Australia, there are more pets than people! Those numbers are, admittedly bumped up, by the approximately 18.4 million fish that are a part of the estimated 33 million pets in Australia. The Australian Companion Animal Council’s last report in 2010 told us that 8 million Aussie households own a pet, with 3.41 million dogs and 2.35 million cats.

While we’re sure that a tropical fish aquarium would look fantastic on one of our Nick Scali coffee tables, a common worry for pet owners is about how to make sure their furry loved ones don’t ruin their furniture.

Since pets can leave fur, smells, stains and worse on furniture, they can contribute to a sofa’s short lifespan, and what’s more can cause allergies and asthma in humans. Probably the most sensible advice, even though hard to enforce, is to train pets to keep off lounges, sofas and chairs. Some experts advice that it’s a mistake to treat animals like humans and let them cuddle up on a couch or bed. Keeping them off the furniture shows you’re in charge and can prevent aggression and behaviour problems.

If firm and consistent admonishments don’t work (and they should, as the pet understands what is off-limits), you can use spray bottles, or even place aluminum foil where the pet wants to settle. Pets hate to walk on foil. Or use a current high-tech device, a dog alarm, that will be set off when your dog jumps on it.  Other canny dog-owners set up a trap of empty soda cans that will clatter and fall when jumped on.

Cat owners trying to prevent their felines from clawing furniture will ensure their pets have their own scratching posts, placed near the furniture that they might want to get their claws into. Others throw blankets over vulnerable parts of a sofa or chair, and others still revert to the squirt gun, or products to be sprayed on areas that are scratched that are unpleasant to kitty, hopefully convincing them to scratch elsewhere.

More advice for pet owners is to regularly remove pet hair from furniture so that, apart from making sure your living space is clean, you don’t contribute to allergies or asthma. Regular brushing, grooming and haircuts can help prevent excess fur in the first place, but a number of modern vacuums have brush attachments especially for pet owners. A lint roller is always a good idea too!

If you suffer from more than pet hair and need to do a major cleaning, there are various products commercially available to remove odors and clean furniture. But always test the cleaning product first on a small area to make sure it doesn’t damage the material. Clean up stains or problems immediately to make sure they don’t set as well as because pets often return to the same areas as territorial marking.

Let’s not leave you depressed about the problems of pets and furniture! Great furniture, like you can find at Nick Scali, is wonderful. Wonderful pets are great. Pets and furniture might be a challenge, but a worthwhile one for their affection, companionship and all-around gorgeousness. And besides, they make great photos. Check out this blog with Monday posts that specialize in photos of pets on their owner’s favourite furniture!

If that inspires you, why not snap a photo of your favourite animal companions on your Nick Scali furniture and we’ll post it up on our facebook page.

Image via Desire to Inspire.

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