Nick Scali Outdoor Furniture

Introducing Nick Scali Outdoors

he official beginning of Australian spring is 1 September and have we got news for you! Perhaps what you’ve been waiting for. We’re proud to announce the launch of a completely new range of furniture from Nick Scali: our outdoor range.

Outdoor living is a great part of our Aussie lifestyle, whether enjoying a backyard BBQ with your family, hanging out on an inner city terrace, sitting next to the pool, or spreading yourself out on the verandah or maybe even a deck you’ve built with your own two hands.

But we all know that indoor and outdoor furniture isn’t the same, and maybe you’ve learnt by leaving something outside that wasn’t built for it.

Enter Nick Scali with a whole variety of hard-wearing outdoors furniture that will suit your outdoor living area, your lifestyle and your mood. The new Ivy sofa, chairs and table (seen above) are in amazingly light material, with the shape and size of substantial furniture, but easy to move and able to withstand sun, wind and rain. Perfect for poolside. Another option while you’re watching the kids frolic in the water is the colourful Snooze range of foldable chairs, with comfy fabric to lay your backside on in red, orange, green and white.

Eating outside is one of the joys of our climate, and the new outdoor range offers the classy black and white Piano chairs and table, stackable Ronda chairs, or for a casual coffee or breakfast, the round Heaven table topped with glass allows you to see its Spirograph geometry beneath it. The Arc En Ciel table and chairs (pictured right) are easy to move arrangements in bright, modern colours: move them around your garden for variety, or fold up the chairs and lean them against a wall – they’re as pretty as artwork.

All of the new Nick Scali metal outdoor range is durable and resistant to daily use, top quality and 100% made in Italy. Made to last for years and years, they combine comfort and practicality with sophisticated design and style – and can be used and adapted to any ambience and environment.

The secret of their durability and ease of maintenance is in the materials, which are scoured, zinc-coated and then coated with a layer of phosphate microcrystals to guarantee resistance to corrosive elements. Follow this with a process called electro-plating, two coats of paint and a final firing, and you’ve got products that can be easily cleaned, keep their colour, resist scratches and shrug off damage from rain, wind and UV rays.

We’ll be telling you more about our outdoor range in the coming months, but for now, you’ve got even more to look forward to with the change of seasons. And why just read about it? The next time you visit a Nick Scali showroom, check out our newly launched, stylish and strong outdoor furniture.

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