Nick Scali Chest of Drawers

Industrial Chic, Concrete Furniture and the London Range

Industrial Chic and Concrete Furniture

Not just for loft apartments in the trendier parts of New York, the use of concrete in interior design has exploded into the scene in more ways than one. There is now a huge range of concrete products available with everything from pendant lights to vases, dining tables to bath tubs. More than just edgy and raw, concrete ensures durability and is easy to form, allowing for an exciting range of shapes and sizes that can be used to create an organic feel in any space. More than that, concrete is a cheaper option when compared to solid timbers and other traditional materials. Concrete is also ideal for the Australian climate, which is known for high temperatures in summer.

Ideal for Rustic, Minimalist and Industrial Spaces

The use of concrete in homes and commercial spaces provides an edgy look with a worn feel that’s still clean and fresh. Durable and hard wearing, concrete pieces can sometimes look a bit cold, however a fresh lick of paint can dramatically change the appearance and give off a warmer effect. On trend at the moment, Scandinavian design is famous for using concrete pieces painted in pastel pinks, blues and yellows. Even a monochrome combination of white and black can add depth to a concrete piece, as the roughness shows through the paint for an added pinch of texture. Ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even outdoor spaces, concrete is weather resistant and stands up well against the elements. Best of all, its malleable form means you can create shapes of all kinds with soft, curved edges or rigid, square sides.

DIY Concrete Stool

c9208aa5e9cc254347b6b934a450c663-200x300This great tutorial shows how you can create your very own concrete stool quickly and easily with the most basic materials. Like many concrete items, it has a distinctly minimalist look that can be jazzed up with a lick of paint or metallic stoppers on the bottoms of each leg. Not just a stool, it can also be used as a side table for your bedroom or a lamp table for your lounge room.

For those of us who are enthusiastic about DIY but lack certain hands on skills, there are plenty of DIY projects to be found online where you can create concrete bowls, cup, vases, jewellery and more which can be painted to suit your individual flair and style. And remember, texture and rawness work to create a piece that look genuinely handmade.

London Range

ns-prod-london-300x162Nick Scali’s London range has been one of their most popular since its launch in September 2013. The range includes a dining table, coffee table, console and kitchen buffet. Each item features a dark concrete top with an oak frame for an eye-catching mix of natural and manmade materials. The A-line structure of the frame creates a great aesthetic and ensures the weight of the concrete slab is evenly distributed for stability and strength. Ideal for classic and contemporary homes, each piece is understated enough to blend in with your existing décor while still drawing the eye. Whether you choose one piece or a complete look with a few items, the London range exudes a stylish vibe with an industrial twist.

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