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Design Trends: Carnival & Nouveau Riche

At Nick Scali, we’re proud of our heritage and not likely to jump aboard some passing trend. Our aim is to provide furniture to you that will last with a timeless style that won’t go out of date.

At the same time, it’s fun to check out the latest fashions and developments in interiors, and see whether they inspire you in some way to freshen up your space with what you already own, or to add something ‘of the moment’.

The Trend Boutique reports on the hot interior looks for Spring and Summer of 2013 based on visits to major trade shows and surveying both influential and up and coming designers from around the world.

In a recent blog posting, they narrowed down the world of interiors to four trend directions: ‘Carnival’, ‘Nouveau Riche’, ‘Repair’ and ‘Converge’. ‘Carnival’ is all about vibrancy and bold colours and patterns. ‘Nouveau Riche’ is a return to luxury as inspired by some of the sleek new architecture and design of modern China. ‘Repair’ shows an interest in products and interiors that create sustainability through reuse and repurpose. Finally, ‘Converge’ reflects our crazy mix and match world where diverse themes like science, technology, art, food and agriculture can come together into something radically new.

‘Carnival’ is the most fun theme, and probably the most accessible. The world is looking towards Brazil, both for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, and what better way to get in the mood than to be inspired by their annual festival that brings millions of people together, basically stopping the country for a week of intense festivities, day and night.

Applying this spirit to your living space is about bold and vibrant colours, a great energy to match spring and summer. It’s about mixing and matching styles in a way that’s bright and fun and contemporary. For example, you could match the bold red fabric of an Icon Swivel Chair to the electric blue leather lounge, perhaps a Carlos Lounge Suite (pictured above). Add, perhaps, some brightly coloured artwork, or cushions and textiles with tropical and floral colours, and you’ll feel like celebrating, or perhaps doing the samba around your living room.

‘Nouveau Riche’ is an interesting trend that looks to marry traditional styling with the new and innovative. The new architecture of China, particularly that which sprung up around the time of the Beijing Olympics, represents confident wealth matched with futuristic design. Translated into the home space, this theme is about metals and golds, a ‘sense of modernity’, clean lines and open spaces. Perhaps it’s a home that’s confident enough to combine a traditional leather sofa like the Tuscany Lounge in the living room with a sleek and modern glass-topped Dining Table like the Cruz or the metal and glass Neptune. Or how about the polished steel frame of the Nilda Dining Chair with a leather padded seat: the classic traditional material of leather matched with a futuristic sheen?

Whether your inspiration is Brazil or China, St Kilda or Surry Hills, drop by a Nick Scali showroom and tell us whether you’re fan of tradition, trends, or a bit of both. We’ve got furniture to suit any taste.

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