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A bit of heaven

Let us introduce you to Jean-Marie Massaud, a French designer, architect and inventor.

Why? It just happens that he is the designer of our new Heaven Outdoor Table, part of Nick Scali’s freshly launched outdoor range, to have you relaxing outside in style and comfort for these warmer months.

The Heaven Outdoor Table is a stunning design made from steel, woven like fabric using a unique automatic welding process. The metallic weave lightens the spatial presence, making the table appear weightless. While you dine, your drinks and plates seem to float in the air over the glass table top.

130917-1-300x199It’s an elegant and refined design from a famous designer who has worked with brands such as B&B Italia, Cassina, Lancôme, Dedon, and Poltrona Frau. Born in 1966 in Toulouse, France, he has won many awards around the world for his design work such as the Designer of the Year Award (Paris Furniture Fair 2007) and the ELLE Decoration International Award (2007).

Massaud has been involved in town planning projects, considers himself an inventor, and is the author of a book, Human Nature, which explores the relationship between humans, technology and natural materials. His work has ranged from the Volcano Stadium in Guadalajara, a gigantic soccer stadium with grassy sloping sides, to a perfume bottle for Cacharel. One of his latest collaborations is with Toyota on an electric concept car demonstrating principles of sustainability.

This commitment to sustainability is drawn from his passion for integrating the natural world into his design. His philosophy is that design should ‘create better living spaces and help people relax’, and he is opposed to design which is focused on ‘styling’, which he calls decadent. Instead, he hopes his design is ‘relevant, light and timeless’, inspired by ‘systems, life and nature’. His aim is to ‘combine intelligence with feeling, nature with culture.’

All these words might sound a bit airy fairy, but it translates to form such as the Heaven table in a pretty easy way: furniture that’s simple and elegant, that fits in with its surroundings but stands out at the same time, and that reminds you of nature while sitting in your home or backyard.

Step into a Nick Scali showroom soon for a little piece of heaven and see what furniture suits you, outdoors or indoors, by a famous designer or an unsung hero. We look forward to your visit.

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